Gregory W. Randall

If you “google” the phrase “Welcome to the underground,” you’ll arrive at the often shadowy doorways of music, video games and even a documentary about a notorious underground fight club in New York City. But there is a different application in the world of poetry publication, too often a world of who-teaches-where and who-knows-who. ManyContinue reading “Gregory W. Randall”


by Carrie Allen McCray, edited and with an introduction by Kevin Simmonds It is quite possible that, given the many omissions in our history books, you have never heard of Ota Benga.  Thanks to the late Carrie Allen McCray and the poet, filmmaker and musician Kevin Simmonds, the history of this man is stamped intoContinue reading “OTA BENGA UNDER MY MOTHER’S ROOF”

Susan Kelly-DeWitt

Gatherer’s Alphabet I admire many small presses and another one has come to my attention with the publication of Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s Gatherer’s Alphabet, the inaugural winner of their California Poets Series Prize. Co-edited by two poets laureate of Santa Barbara, California, Gunpowder Press takes its name from the city’s namesake, Saint Barbara, the patron saintContinue reading “Susan Kelly-DeWitt”

Judy Halebsky

June 10, 2020 “In Halebsky’s third poetry collection Spring and a Thousand Years (Unabridged), published in2020 by University of Arkansas Press, the Tang Dynasty poets Li Bai and Du Fu encounter everydaylife in Oakland, California. In his introduction to this collection, Billy Collins writes, ‘Halebsky’sstylistic range is on full display when she switches from pureContinue reading “Judy Halebsky”